Father’s Letter: 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends:

It has been since February 26 (almost four months ago) that we celebrated a Sunday of Ordinary Time.  After the Lent, the  Easter, and the special Sunday solemnities over the past few weeks, we now return to “Ordinary Time.”  And yet, notice the color of this season.  It’s green.  Green is the sign of life—what we see in nature during Spring and Summer.  So “Ordinary Time” is not just some season to get through before we celebrate something more special, it’s a very unique season.  It’s a season of joy itself.  And even though these Sundays are called “Sundays of  Ordinary Time,” we should remember that every Sunday is a “little Easter,” and there’s nothing “ordinary” about that!

Around the parish, things “slow down” a bit beginning this week.  Of course, we have many ministries and groups that continue, but the “fast pace” of September to June is a welcome gift.  That’s the case with some families (but certainly not all!!)  When it comes time for vacations, or baseball, or other Summer fun, let’s remember that there is no “vacation” from our “vocation” as Catholic Christians.  Above all, that means staying faithful to attending Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings).  I  especially appeal to those who have children or young adults in the house.  I always have parents lamenting that their children don’t go to Mass when they become adults.  I always ask them if they went to Mass every week as a family.  If the answer is no, then it could be that the kids were taught it was OK to miss.  For those who have this “problem,” it’s never too late to reach out to your kids and kindly remind them!  I will say, though, that I was delighted to see great Mass attendance last weekend…  especially at the Saturday Vigil Mass and the Sunday morning  9 AM Mass.  (The 11:00 AM was good, too, but the other Masses really stood out!)

As we grow closer to the end of my tenure as pastor… only two weeks from tomorrow, I continue to keep busy packing things and also wrapping things up at the parish.  One thing I really want to “wrap up” is the 2017 Bishop’s  Annual Appeal.  We want to maximize our pledges and gifts before the new pastor arrives.  It’s a relief for a new pastor to come into the parish and know that goal has been reached… and hopefully exceeded.  I know there are many who have not yet made a pledge or gift.  Please do!  I’ll be contacting those who have not yet made a gift to be sure that there is more participation.  Many thanks for those who have shown such generosity, and I look forward to everyone else considering this opportunity!

Your soon-to-be new pastor, Father Marotti, has been here at the parish a  number of times in the last few weeks.  We have met privately, Deacon Mike and I have met with him, he has been included on meetings and information regarding the school, and more.  So I think he will be ready to jump in and “run with it” when he arrives officially on July 10.  I’m not aware of any specific changes he will want to make, but you’ll have to watch for that.  But I assure you he will get here fully informed and ready!

I want to thank those who took part in the Corpus Christi procession last Sunday.  As you know, I made the procession very simple and the participation was great.  There was a very special moment that some noticed.  After I gave the benediction with the monstrance, and then placed the monstrance back on the altar for a short period of adoration.  I looked up, and although it had been cloudy, the sun suddenly broke through and shined on the monstrance.  There’s no accident there.  For those who noticed it, that moment was just incredible.  Jesus had a message for us!

Have a good week and Praised be Jesus Christ!

Fr. John