Father’s Letter: 27th Sunday

Dear Friends,

Taking a break from the catechetical  columns for a moment, I’d like to   update you on a few things that will be taking place soon here at our parish home:

  1. The parking lot will be soon completely redone. You may have noticed that there are certain areas that are really falling apart and crumbling, and repairs have been in discussion for a couple of years now. We have weighed all of the options and a complete redo is the most financially responsible option in the long run, rather than repairs on-the-fly as they arise.
  2. Fr. Fleckenstein had already mentioned a number of times in his column that, due to the generous financial gift of anonymous donors (given for this specific purpose), we will soon have a beautiful pipe organ installed in the back of the church. This is an incredibly generous gift, as pipe organs are quite an investment. We are blessed enough to receive one without any cost to the church! Why would we refuse such a gift?  The Church tells us that the pipe organ, second only to the human voice, is the proper instrument of the Catholic liturgy. I know some have expressed concern that a pipe organ does not “fit our style”, but friends, let me caution all of us about having a “style” that would exclude something the Church exalts as the ideal. We have one style: Catholic. This beautiful instrument will allow us to not only do the lovely music we already have become accustomed to, but also expand into some other beautiful musical possibilities! Many blessings upon our generous donors.
  3. Related to the exciting prospect of having a pipe organ, we also have the possibility of redoing the church and sanctuary floors without any cost to the parish. Since having a pipe organ in a carpeted room is akin to muffling it, we will have the aisles and sanctuary space redone to better promote the sound of the instrument. More details on this are forthcoming. By beautifying and improving our worship space in any way we can, we remind ourselves of the sacred realities taking place at Mass!

If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to contact me. God bless you all!

In Christ, Fr. Marotti