Father’s Letter: Solemnity of Christ the King

Dear Friends,

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe. It is the close of the liturgical year, right before we celebrate the Church’s “New Year” with the First Sunday of Advent. As we bring the liturgical year to a close, I’d like to raise several questions for reflection:

  1. Is Christ the Sovereign of my life? We call Christ the King and Lord of all things, both on earth and in heaven, both visible and invisible. These are grand praises that we willingly offer, conscious of the fact that He created and sustains all things in existence. And yet…do I allow Him to be Lord of the actual day-to-day events of my life? The Lord of my family? The Lord of my career? The Lord of my vocation? As with an earthly King, do I offer Him honor and obedience? Do I seek opportunities to see Him? To speak to Him?
  2. Do I live the liturgical year? I just mentioned that this is the last day of the Church’s year, and next Sunday is the “New Year” for the Church. Do I actually live my life according to the prayer and liturgical life of the Church? Do I celebrate the many feasts and solemnities in home, and not just at Mass? Do I try to live the rhythm of prayer and penance that the Church worldwide is living?
  3. Am I making any New Year’s resolutions?Since next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent, how am I deciding to renew myself for the coming liturgical year? And I mean real resolutions, not just “I won’t eat chocolate” or “I’ll go to the gym”… how about “I’ll set aside at least 30 min for prayer every day” or “I’ll only eat one meal every Friday”? Be creative, and be honest with yourself. Offer the new year to the Lord.

In Christ,

Fr Marotti