Father’s Letter: The Holy Family of Jesus

Dear Friends,

In the Gospel this weekend, the Church places before us two great examples of patient, prayerful perseverance: Sts. Simeon and Anna.
Consider how long they had been waiting for the Messiah – they were both advanced in years and spent their lives praying and anticipating the fulfillment of God’s promise. Did they grumble or grow impatient or lash out at God? We don’t know. While it is likely that there were moments of doubt or confusion, we know one thing for sure: they persevered. What was the reward for their perseverance? They were among the first to see the Messiah, hidden in the small child presented in the Temple that wonderful day. May we never grow impatient or tired in prayer, for God will always reward a persevering heart.
In Christ,
Fr Marotti