Father’s Letter: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

This past Wednesday, we were able to join the rest of the Catholic schools of our diocese for an all-schools Mass celebrated by our bishop at Hackett Catholic Prep. This celebration of Catholic Schools Week was of particular importance for our St. Ann family as Bishop Bradley announced our plan to unify our schools under a new name: Light of Christ Academy. The crest of the school, designed by Mrs. Fifelski, features a white lily which symbolizes purity, an open book which symbolizes wisdom, and a torch which signifies the Light of Christ. The Latin motto reads “Emitte Lucem Tuam”, taken from Psalm 43 (“Send forth your light”). The faculty and staff of both schools will work together, along with the parish and the Diocesan Office of Schools, to make modifications and additions to our curriculum, teaching faculty, and governance structure. The goal is to make our school the best Montessori/Classical academy possible. It is an exciting time, as this educational model (Montessori combined with Classical) is becoming the means by which many dioceses and communities are attempting to reinvigorate Catholic education. We are happy to be on the forefront of this movement as well! Please continue to keep our school in your prayers, and if you have any questions about our educational model, please feel free to contact me!

In Christ,

Fr Marotti