Father’s Letter: 4th Sunday of Lent

Dear Friends,

I’d like to update all of you on our first parish council meeting. We will only meet a couple times a year, so the discussion covers quite a bit – as you’ll see. The idea behind a parish council is to facilitate communication between the pastor and the parishioners; to give counsel and input on the direction of the parish with regard to practical details (since the spiritual direction of every parish is the same – holiness!); to be a forum in which to throw around ideas and give feedback; and to represent the needs of the entire parish community. Our first meeting dealt mostly with renovations, improvements, updates, plans regarding the church itself as well as the grounds.

  • Many thanks to Deacon Mike, Ryan Anthony, Don Davis, and all the others who put so much time and work into getting our building “up to code” so that we now have a Certificate of Occupancy for our school.
  • We will be able to hire one, possibly two, new classically-trained teachers for our school in the Fall. Please keep spreading the word about our wonderful new Academy!
  • Work on the parking lot will resume once the Spring weather arrives. As you know, the project was cut short in the late Fall due to the cold weather.
  • Work on our custom-built pipe organ seems to be slightly behind schedule, but we still hope to have it installed around Easter. Many thanks again to our generous donors!
  • Money left over from the pipe organ donation will be used, per the donors’ request, for further church renovation needs. This will most likely be used for flooring.
  • The stained-glass window panes have been removed to accommodate the pipe organ. Also, the stained-glass panes had been damaging the thermal on the clear glass due to excess heat and no ventilation between the panes.
  • The stained-glass panes will be incorporated into a landscaping project in the front of the church.
  • Our St Ann Shrine (ca 1860) was installed two weeks ago. Many thanks again to Dale Beauchamp, Deacon Mike and Boomer Carl for making and staining the lovely pedestal for it.
  • Plans for our outdoor chapel/grotto and the playground are well underway! We hope to begin work in the coming weeks. Please contact me or Deacon Mike if you’d like to help or donate.
  • Also, in our list of other outdoor to-do projects are: Stations of the Cross along our nature trail, and a garden/reflection pool in the front of the church.
  • We have had donors come forward to help out with other projects within the church (e.g. a new Baptismal font). If you’d like to help out with something like this, we are hoping to get a new altarpiece/reredos, new Stations of the Cross, a new Paschal candle stand…and more!

Thank you already for your great generosity and enthusiasm with all of these projects.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I try to be as open as possible with sharing my ideas and plans for our parish, so please do contact me with any concerns. It doesn’t help anything to share your concerns with everyone EXCEPT me!

In Christ,

Fr Marotti