St. Ann Catholic Church Ministries

The church is a living breathing community of many followers of Christ. In living Stewardship as a way of life, we “minister” in gratefulness and as the scripture directs … “love one another as I have loved you.” Ministering is performing services or giving things that are needed, so all activities at St. Ann Parish are a ministry of some kind. While some roles, such as Eucharistic Minister or Lector are traditional liturgical ministries, participating in service activities or on committees are also forms of ministry.

Under this tab, you will find a listing of most of the ministries at St. Ann Parish. As you read through the ministries, look for ministries that allow you to share your strengths. Gratefully we thank the Lord for the many and various gifts He has given us. In giving back to the Lord, look for those ministries that meet the passions of your spirit. If you would like more information on a ministry, please contact the listed Team Ministry Leader. Pray about the ministry to which you are being called.

You may sign up for more than one ministry, but be a good manager of your time. Many parishioners are already involved in more than one ministry. For example, someone could be a lector but participate in seasonal activities such as The Parish Festival Committee or The Giving Tree. The only limitations are those of time. Each Intentional Disciple should be involved in at least one ministry, as we have the desire to see as many parishioners as possible in ministries which they have expressed an interest.