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Father’s Letter: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

The familiar phrase “behold the Lamb of God”, which is uttered by St. John the Baptist in today’s Gospel and is said by the priest at every Mass, has a long and rich backstory. It is mentioned in Mass because of the Sacrifice of Christ which is made present at the Mass – a sacrifice foreshadowed by the willingness of Abraham to offer his only son Isaac. When Abraham and Isaac proceed up Mount Moriah (the future Temple Mount in Jerusalem), Isaac asked where the victim of the sacrifice is, to which his father responds “God Himself will provide the lamb for the sacrifice.” A millennium later, the moment finally arrives: John the Baptist, the great prophet who was to precede the Messiah, announces that the promise has finally been fulfilled and God has finally provided the Lamb for the perfect Sacrifice, so he announces: “Behold! The Lamb of God!”

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Father’s Letter: The Epiphany of the Lord

Dear Friends,

As the Christmas season comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who helped make the church and the music so beautiful! Any attempt at a thorough thank you would fill the whole bulletin, but a special thanks to Deacon Mike for his constant help both in the liturgy and around the parish; to Martha Reid and all the musicians for their beautiful sacred music; to Sherry Gesmundo for coordinating the efforts of so many in making the church look so gorgeous; to Kathleen Foldenauer for the stunning altar frontal; and to Ryan Anthony for all of the time and labor he puts in during these winter months.

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Father’s Letter: The Holy Family of Jesus

Dear Friends,

In the Gospel this weekend, the Church places before us two great examples of patient, prayerful perseverance: Sts. Simeon and Anna.

Consider how long they had been waiting for the Messiah – they were both advanced in years and spent their lives praying and anticipating the fulfillment of God’s promise. Did they grumble or grow impatient or lash out at God? We don’t know. While it is likely that there were moments of doubt or confusion, we know one thing for sure: they persevered. What was the reward for their perseverance? They were among the first to see the Messiah, hidden in the small child presented in the Temple that wonderful day. May we never grow impatient or tired in prayer, for God will always reward a persevering heart.

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Father’s Letter: 3rd Sunday in Advent

Dear Friends,

This weekend we celebrate Gaudete Sunday – which means, “Rejoice”. We take a step back from the penitential character of Advent and remind ourselves of how close our Lord’s arrival is. We rejoice in seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”, so to speak, and take comfort in the great hope that the arrival of the Messiah gives us. We rejoice because all of the sufferings and anticipation of the Israelites – whom we are imitating during Advent – will soon receive their final conclusion when the Lord comes to give them, and all of us, true freedom from slavery to sin and death.

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