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Father’s Letter — June 12, 2016

In our first reading and in the Gospel, we heard about two sinners who made big mistakes in their lives and yet became great saints. The key to their return was humbly and simply admitting their faults. We heard the Responsorial Psalm, “I acknowledged my sin to you, my guilt I covered not.” How easy it is to fall into despair after a mistake. The fear of coming out into the light bothers us terribly. We are afraid of being judged or misunderstood and so we justify ourselves and stuff away our sins. But these two individuals chose a different path. They humbled themselves. They pushed through the fear of humiliation and accepted their smallness before God. They knew they needed Him. They could not go on living a happy life without His healing and they knew it. They deeply desired God to look at them with His eyes of mercy, humiliating as that might be. Overcoming this fear gave them confidence to own their sins and to show them to the Lord with humble trust. And the Lord welcomed them back with great joy. They began to follow Him and to be transformed by a relationship with Him.

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