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Father’s Letter: 24th Sunday

Dear Friends,

Last weekend I focused on the difference between judgment and the difficult obligation of fraternal correction. This weekend, the focus of the Gospel is something just as difficult: forgiveness.

We all feel entitled to be forgiven when we’ve apologized, but how often and how quickly do we forgive when we are wronged? The parable used by our Lord in today’s Gospel should make us feel uncomfortable, based on how accurate a portrayal it is of how we act. The ungrateful servant, whose massive debt was forgiven, did not understand the great mercy shown to him by his master, so he didn’t hesitate to exact a much smaller debt owed to him.

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Father’s Letter: 23rd Sunday

Dear Friends,

In today’s Gospel, Christ reminds us of a very important obligation in charity that all of us have as Christians; namely, fraternal correction: “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone.” Go and tell him his fault? We certainly like to tell other people about our neighbor’s fault, but to tell him to his face? That is certainly uncomfortable. In a society that tells us judgment is the worst sin possible, it’s interesting that sometimes we seem to like nothing more than judgment: scandalous headlines, news stories, etc. – we all eat it up! Dirt on celebrities, athletes, politicians, religious people – that’s what sells!

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Father’s Letter: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear friends,

Since I mistakenly wrote my column about today’s Gospel a few weeks ago, I will focus simply on the last line: “For the Son of Man will come with His angels in His Father’s glory, and will repay all according to his conduct.”

This, as you can readily discern, is a reference to the Last Judgment. What is the Last Judgment? And aren’t we all judged as soon as we die? Are there two judgments then, for those who die before the Last Day? Yes, there are two judgments.

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Father’s Letter: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

Last weekend I made sure that everyone carefully read the “Seven Secrets of Successful Parishioners”. I consider it very important that we have a parish family in which everyone participates as fully as they can with regards to prayer, volunteering, contributing to and supporting both our parish’s mission in particular and the Church’s mission in general.

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