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Father’s Letter: 3rd Sunday in Advent

Dear Friends,

This weekend we celebrate Gaudete Sunday – which means, “Rejoice”. We take a step back from the penitential character of Advent and remind ourselves of how close our Lord’s arrival is. We rejoice in seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”, so to speak, and take comfort in the great hope that the arrival of the Messiah gives us. We rejoice because all of the sufferings and anticipation of the Israelites – whom we are imitating during Advent – will soon receive their final conclusion when the Lord comes to give them, and all of us, true freedom from slavery to sin and death.

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Father’s Letter: Second Sunday in Advent

Dear Friends,

The penitential aspect of Advent is brought to the fore this weekend as we hear about St John the Baptist. He is our model for “preparing the way of the Lord”. Often pictured as clad in rough camel skin, he is the embodiment of what it means to deny oneself earthly goods and comfort so as to make way for the outpouring of grace that comes with the arrival of Christ. We might also consider him as an image of what our heart, mind, and soul should be during this season: focused on seeking purification and forgiveness for our sins, denying ourselves small comforts so that we become more detached from sinful ways and more focused on the Lamb of God Who comes to take away the sins of the world, and pointing other people to the Lamb, not to ourselves. In fact, many depictions of the Baptist have him making a pointing gesture – his whole vocation was to be the great prophet that preceded the Messiah, the one who was called to bring others to Him, and then to decrease while our Lord increases. During this season of joyful preparation, may we all be given the humility, penitential spirit, and evangelical zeal that we see in St. John the Baptist.

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Father’s Letter: The First Sunday of Advent

Dear Friends,

With the school year well underway, I thought it would be a good time to give a much-needed update on the many exciting things happening at our schools.

As you may already know, this school year began with us welcoming Vineyard Academy into our building, to share our space and resources. Officially, at this time, there are two schools operating: St. Ann Montessori, and Vineyard Academy. However, as one would expect when two schools are in one building, the teachers, staff and students of both institutions – while maintaining their separate charisms – have effectively come together as one closely-knit community of Catholic education. Having one school, rather than two, is what we had hoped and envisioned when we began this new journey together. Praise God for making it happen so quickly!

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Father’s Letter: Solemnity of Christ the King

Dear Friends,

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe. It is the close of the liturgical year, right before we celebrate the Church’s “New Year” with the First Sunday of Advent. As we bring the liturgical year to a close, I’d like to raise several questions for reflection:

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