Handmaids of the Lord

Young women from 4th through 12th grades are encouraged to join the Handmaids of the Lord. Handmaids have opportunities to help with Sacristan duties, participate as Lectors, serve in a hospitality role as Greeters who welcome Parish members at the door, they sing in the choir, and enjoy fellowship on Sundays in the social hall while participating in spiritual and outreach activities. Mothers help support the Handmaids by volunteering to supervise the activities in which the Handmaids participate. Young women who want to experience spiritual growth, participate in outreach activities and who want to enjoy fellowship with other young women in the St. Ann Parish are encouraged to participate. A group meeting is held the 1st Sunday of every month and additional time commitments will depend upon in what Handmaid’s ministry one plans on participating. Training for some of the Handmaids roles will be required.

Visit the St. Ann Handmaids of the Lord WEBSITE.

Contact Connie Mollison at saintannhandmaids@gmail.com or (269) 203-5393