The Mission of St. Ann Parish Religious Education

St. Ann Parish Religious Education Program works to evoke and mature in each person an intimate relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ, a love of the Church He founded, and a lifelong process of conversion and missionary witness. It endeavors to develop this relationship with Christ through the liturgy and the sacraments, the promises, and commandments contained in the Good News of His Gospel message, as well as through prayer and service. This effort is accomplished within the context of the student’s family with support from the parish community. “True education is directed towards the formulation of the human person in view of his final end and the good of that society to which he belongs and in the duties of which he will, as an adult, have a share.”

(Declaration on Christian Education, 1)

My Parish App:

This year, Religious Education is using My Parish App to stay in touch with parents.  Get the My Parish App: or Text App to 88202.  We will use this App like the public schools use “Remind” as a way of communicating events at Pack the House and general events at Religious Education

  1. Then search for and select St Ann Augusta parish
  2. Tap the “groups” button
  3. Join the “Religious Education” group

Religious Education Calendar

View our weekly schedule here: Youth Faith Formation Calendar 2017-2018

Religious Education Newsletters

RE NS October 25th 2017

RE NS December 20th 2017

RE NS February 21st 2018


Registration remains open. The digital form is found below.  Please fill out the form and submit it electronically.  Afterwards, bring a check, money order or cash made out to “St Ann Church” and give it to the Religious Education Department.

Registration Form

Download the Confirmation Application packet, fill it out and return it to the office.

Confirmation Application Packet 17-18