Prayer Chain


The Prayer Chain is a group of people whose ministry is to pray for others in time of need, loss, illness, praise, and thanksgiving. People request that a specific intention is prayed for and members of the Prayer Chain then pray for those intentions. We welcome anyone to become a new member of the Prayer Chain. Committing to a prayer chain requires very little time. If you choose the telephone option, it requires you to make one phone call to another Prayer Chain member. It does not require going to meetings, you merely pray for the need when notified and then again as the day progresses: at meals with your family, in your daily de­votional time, as you are driving in your car, etc.


The prayer chain works in one of 2 ways based on your preference.

  • The first and most popular way is that you will simply receive an email requesting that you pray for someone’s intention.
  • Another way is through a phone call. A head prayer warrior starts the phone chain by calling 1 person. That person, in turn, calls the next person on the list passing along the prayer intention.

Once you receive the prayer request you pray for the person and keep them in your thoughts during the day occasionally praying for them again. It takes minimal time but has a huge impact on the person for whom you are praying.


If you would like to become part of the St. Ann Prayer Chain, you can pick up a registration card in the vestibule or church office. Someone will get back to you within a week.

Join us and learn the power of prayer!

Please contact Michelle Guthrie if you have questions at